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dear world, when a girl is quie, you already know that's dangerous. the things that constantly torture thsi girl keep repeating. and she has tried to please the people surrounding her; but now she's tired. give her a break. the ones around her make her feel ugly, like an idiot or never good enough. the people around her never appreciate the things she does for them. this girl is dying inside. she's tried physically, emotionally, and mentally. (cont)


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The sad thing is, nobody knows how much anyone else is hurting. We could be standing next to somebody who is completely broken and we wouldn't even know it.


Yep all the while she goes on with life like she did nothing wrong. Biggest mistake of my life, befriending a cold hearted whore bitch who tore apart my family with no remorse. Devil created for sure and hell for the after life. Lets hope it's sooner than later. Make this world a better place now without people like her in it. She's wasting good oxygen that could be used for good people.


Lately I'm tired of everyone and everything. I don't find my motivation to do…


remember when work feels overwhelming you're going to die cup - Google Search


I'm sick of feeling like such a burden. I don't want to tell anyone how i feel, but I'm dying inside and feel like I'm about to explode.

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I wish I was not as replaceable as you show ..maybe I was never meant to be yours maybe I was never that important part of your life .. though I'm dying inside thousand times inside that it's not me Am at least glad you are happy

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So sad...always pretending to be ok when you really feel like dying inside...


Depression quote: I'm the type of girl who smiles to make everyone's day. Even though I'm dying on the inside.