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And Dwight shrutes response would be "false a beat cannot feel down or up beat because it is a vegetable and does not have feelings" #dwightschrute

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previous pinner: Same apartment? I don't think so. Me: OK, what geek took the time to map out the appartments? They are aware that it's a SET, not a real appartment? LOL

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False. When I was little I wanted to see if you could slip on a banana peel like in all the movies. So I tried it, and fell. So it can happen..

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Logic | I CAN HAVE AN ABORTION, IT'S MY BODY FALSE, IT'S THE BABY'S BODY. IF IT WERE YOUR BODY, YOU'D BE THE ONE THAT DIES | image tagged in big red feminist,dwight false,abortion | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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