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This Mountain Man Breakfast means business & can be adapted in many different ways to suit your style. This version includes 5-6 slices of chopped bacon too

Mountain man/Beach man: Dutch oven Breakfast of Champions!

How to Make Tiger Bread or Dutch Crunch Bread from Scratch

If you ever wondered what is the topping on the tiger bread aka Dutch crunch bread, here you will find the answer...


162 Indoor Enameled Dutch Oven Recipes Cookbook: How to Make Delicious Meals in Your Home with an Enameled Dutch Oven for Breakfast, Soup, Dinner, Dessert and More!/Alison Thompson


Crusty Bread

No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread - no kneading required, 4 simple ingredients, baked in a Dutch Oven! The result is simple perfection, hands down the best bread you'll ever eat!

Mountain Man Breakfast Casserole

Mountain Man Breakfast Casserole (adapted from a recipe by Lodge Cookware) 1 package sausage 1 large onion, chopped 2 packages Simply Potatoes (hash browns or diced) 1 cup diced cheddar cheese 1 dozen eggs, scrambled salt and pepper to taste Brown the sausage in a cast iron Dutch Oven over a hot coal fire.  Remove and drain the sausage on paper towels.  Saute the onion in the remaining drippings until tender.  Add the potatoes and stir until crispy and lightly browned.  Spread the potatoes…