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Dutch race hate row engulfs presenter Sylvana Simons

A former presenter on talent show Dancing with the Stars, she recently joined the political party "Denk" (Think) and is running in the next election. Ms Simons has been outspoken on racism, and has raised hackles by calling for the "decolonisation" of education and language use in the Netherlands. But it was her criticism of the traditional festive character known as Black Pete that unleashed a backlash of death-threats and misogynistic, racist abuse, which quickly escalated from unpleasant…

Now I'm curious to check what this is about. Thanks to Hetalia I've become a history geek XD

Now I'm curious to check what this is about. Thanks to Hetalia I've become a history geek XD


A portrait of Phillip II (1527-1598), King of Spain. After Anthonis Mor, 1558. Philip's wife Mary I of England died the same year that this portrait was painted.


March 20, 1602: The Dutch East India Company is founded. The Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-indische Compagnie) was founded through the sponsorship of the Dutch government, who granted it a monopoly over trade in the East Indies through a charter that was set to expire after twenty-one years. The company could, through this charter, build forts and conduct military and diplomatic activities in the area, which would help to protect and direct Dutch trade in the East Indies

from the Guardian

Dutch government ordered to cut carbon emissions in landmark ruling

Lots can be done to solve the problem of climate change -- we need to protect our Blue Dot. Strengthening our laws so that we have the right to live in a healthy environment is one significant step.


Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is 'Zionist plan'

A SENIOR official from the Dutch government claimed that militant group Islamic State (IS) was created by Zionists in order to discredit Islam.

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Queen Maxima stuns in an embellished red gown at a state banquet

Belle of the ball: Queen Maxima, 45, stunned in a floor-length red gown at a state banquet at Government House in New Zealand


Eric Taylor 1909–1999 ‘They have taken all our Food’ Holland, 1944 During the winter of 1944–1945 the western Netherlands experienced a major famine, known as the ‘Hongerwinter’. The southern Netherlands had been already liberated by the Allies. A national railway strike called by the Dutch government in exile in aid of the Allied cause, led to the German retaliating with an embargo on all food transport to the western Netherlands. 18,000 people died due to the effects of malnutrition.

from the Guardian

Dutch government facing legal action over failure to reduce carbon emissions

The 886 citizens involved in the class action against the Dutch government aim to force it to take more robust action to reduce emissions. They also hope to offer a legal solution to the political impasse on international climate change action.