Gotham City Sirens - Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn by Dustin Nguyen

By Dustin Nguyen. Showing some of the most kick-ass girls from DC world; Harley Quinn, Cat woman, and Poison Ivy!

Daredevil by Dustin Nguyen *

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Lil Gotham by Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen born in 1976 is an Eisner Awardwinning and New York Timesbestselling comic book artist He has worked for DC Comics and WildStorm since 2000

Batman & Robin by Dustin Nguyen

From Pencil To Paper, Inspiring Comic Book Art

The Hardcover of the Batman: Streets of Gotham, Volume Leviathan by Paul Dini, Chris Yost, Mike Benson, Dustin Nguyen

"Hooray for Teamwork" in watercolor by artist Dustin Nguyen.

comic-book-ladies: “Gotham City Sirens by Dustin Nguyen" Harley Quinn - Harleen Quinzel - Poison Ivy - Pamela Isley - Catwoman - Selina Kyle

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Batman Beyond Vol 5 Cover B Variant Dustin Nguyen Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice Cover - Midtown Comics

Dustin Nguyen (Batman) Original Cass Cain art +free 2016 80p artbook NO RESERVE Comic Art Auction

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dustin nguyen art | DC Add Dustin Nguyen's Lil' Gotham To Their Digital Collection - The ...

DC Add Dustin Nguyen's Lil' Gotham To Their Digital Collection