▶ Hilarious! Are you one of these?@Dido Kaludov Perfect- Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball

Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball I don't even play basketball, and these were hilarious. Especially the "clutch" guy.

Epic Trick Shot Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the guys with Brodie smith at a skatepark/basketball court

Jaw-Dropping Nerf Trick Shots that are Sure to Amaze - http://stash-magazine.com/videos/jaw-dropping-nerf-trick-shots-that-are-sure-to-amaze/

Dude Perfect is back with another epic trick shots - Nerf Sports Edition.

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Plastic Golf Club Battle | Dude Perfect - YouTube

If you've ever seen any of the Dude Perfect videos, you know that they are really good at trick shots.

Superbowl XLIX Patriots Julian Edelman & Malcolm Butler are Going to Disneyland! Commercial - YouTube

The Hybrid Swing Plane

In a recent episode of their series Stereotypes, comedy group Dude Perfect demonstrates different types of people one is likely to encounter at a Super Bowl party like superstitious fans, people mo.