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Dual survival cancelled

joe teti - co-host of Dual Survivor. Special Forces Green Beret. This show is my must-see TV on Wednesday nights

2013 - 2016......." BANSHEE "...........SÉRIE TV.........SOURCE BING IMAGES.........

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Mmm... sexy and a good actor... especially in 300. And did I mention he has a decent voice in Phantom of the Opera? Give me some of that!

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Hahahaha you're right karma will finish YOU for all the crap you've done you'll get the same, and I'll be watching karma in full glorious splendor

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James Franco. Je me confesse: je ne fais pas partie des filles qui trippent sur James Franco (Jugez moi ;-P), mais je dois avouer qu'il est très charismatique et qu'il dégage vraiment quelque chose!! (Le Monde Fantastique d'Oz) ;-)