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Drywall Costs - Bob Vila Radio

Bob's Tip of the Day: As of January 2nd, US drywall manufacturers increased their prices by 25 to 30%. All the more reason to carefully calculate the amount of drywall you need before you buy. Measure the square footage of the area you need to cover and divide by thirty-two to get the number of sheets you’ll need. Figure on a half-gallon of ready-mix compound and forty feet of drywall tape per hundred square feet. You’ll need about three pounds of drywall screws for every thousand square…

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How to Remove Wallpaper: Step by Step

how to remove wallpaper. Cause my new house has a lot I need to remove!!!

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Ceiling panels to replace drop ceiling, great idea but probably not cheaper than drywall

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Income Property Process: Scott McGillivray's Top 5 Tips 1. Meet your own standards. Tenants won't settle for less than you would. 2. Drywall, esp ceiling - fire barrier & extra sound-proofing. 3. Add 25% to professionally quoted budget. 4. Close to home, < 1 hr drive. It has to be convenient for you to check up on and manage. 5. Beware, houses are like onions: hidden issues like mold, live wires & other hidden costs.

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Wall & Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks

Whole Wall Cover-Up - Some walls are so bad that the best fix is to tear them out and install new drywall. Wall liner is the next-best fix. It's basically extra-thick, paintable wallpaper that acts as a big patch over the whole wall. Some versions are smooth