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Is your #child complaining about dry, #itchy #eyes? Surprisingly, it could be dry eye syndrome, a condition that used to be associated with older age but has been found more and more in younger #children. #PrateEye

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How to Care for Dry, Itchy Eyes

Have you ever experienced having burning eyes, an itchy throat or even breathing problems because of air pollution?


Irritated, dry, itchy eyes from contacts? Young Living Purification essential oil, dot "around" your eye 4 times a day. Learn more at Purification comes in the Young Living Starter Kit. #youngliving #essentialoils


Viscotears is the most amazing remedy for dry itchy eyes.....this is the only thing I use in hay fever season...the best eye treatment


Eye Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

We love the spring, but we don't love the dry, itchy eyes that sometimes comes along with it. If you have allergies and sensitive eyes, doing your eye makeup can be a hassle. Here are the best eye makeup tips for girl that have sensitive eyes.

Know your #winter #devils Dry, itchy #eyes Silly as it may sound; the cold and dry air actually evaporates the liquid around your eye (the stuff of tears) a lot faster. We’re calling dibs on the song title "Too Little Tears For Another Winter", which we’re going to pitch to Adele. But in the meantime, drier eyes actually cause micro slits and scratches in the film over your #eyes, making them irritated and red and susceptible to more serious conditions over time. Take action: • Wear…

Dry, itchy eyes? EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula is a unique oral supplement that may improve your dry eyes for long lasting continuous support. #vitamins Click on the pin above for additional information on dry eyes, the science behind the formula, and ingredient and nutritional information. Cheers to healthy vision!