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from BBC Good Food

Buttermilk fried chicken

Follow this step-by-step recipe for foolproof fried chicken - dip in buttermilk batter for a golden, seasoned crust and sweet, tender chicken

from Primally Inspired

Dry Brine Turkey

You've got to try this dry brine recipe - it makes the most flavorful and crispy skin turkey and chicken!

from Wholefully

How to Dry Brine a Thanksgiving Turkey

Learn how quick and easy it is to dry brine a Thanksgiving turkey. It's four steps, no mess, and gives you moist, flavorful results!

from BBC Good Food

Texas BBQ medley

Once you've tried smoking and slow cooking your chicken, you'll be totally converted. The dry brine seasons the meat to the bone and keeps it succulent during cooking

from Real Simple

One Easy Trick That’ll Make Your Chicken, Turkey and Pork Extra Juicy

Don't want dry turkey? Try brining, aka submerging in a saltwater bath. It allows the turkey to absorb extra moisture while raw so it won't dry out during cooking. And because the water is seasoned, it flavors the meat from the inside!