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[open] evermore|| It was late, and I was drunk. My words slurred, and my vision was blurry. I wasn't able to walk, only stumble. I recalled Devin being with Mira and Elliot. Due to the drinks I've had, I feel dizzy. Next thing I know, I'm in your house.

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Wow. I am actually more concerned with what to do with the top if the picture. Real sound, approximate pitch.

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Strawberry Lemonade Vodka | Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community!

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The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Britain And Ireland

The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Britain And Ireland [living down with the Pensioner's and the Gay People]

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39 Ridiculous Drunk Pictures That Prove Tequila Is The Devil Alcohol can turn the best of us into hilarious idiots. Enjoy these funny drunk pictures that will make you glad someone was there to take a photo!

So tiny! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! this episode was hilarious!!!

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Game of Drinking. Great except that boys are gonna get more drunk than girls...

Game of Drinking…

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