Drunk guy meme

I don't know why but this reminds me of Phil

Her dad owns a cereal company *spits out cereal me gusta cereal guy and girl

Was he drunk...? I don't actually care because this is an amazing theory and I could totally believe in this

One of the most amazing thing I've ever read!

this just killed me

Yet another reason why I don't drink haha >> Lmao the main reason I don't is cuz I'm too young. I improvise with ginger beer

Drunk Guy Tries To Use Cash Machine, Doesnt Do Very Well

Drunk Guy Gives A Lesson In How Not To Use A Cash Machine

Also fiddles and violins are exactly the same instrument. So it's really a cello, a viola & a full and half size (for smaller ppl) violin/fiddle

I play the French horn and trumpet and this is so true. Band people don't even complain because at least your instruments LOOK DIFFERENT! Everybody thinks that the violin and the viola are the same. All of the orchestra instruments look so similar!