Campaign for Drunk Driving Awareness

Kacie Mills -- Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Campaign for Drunk Driving Awareness

Reserved for Drunk Drivers

Very clever - The consequences of drinking and driving are vividly illustrated in this unconventional ad, featuring a parking space half on the sidewalk, marked with the words “Reserved for drunk drivers.

United States Drunk Driving Statistics [Infographic]

United States #Drunk Driving Statistics - #Infographics #crime

See the latest government data based visualization of drunk driving fatalities in the United States.

Monument against drunk driving in Moscow

Monument against drunk driving in Moscow

Monument against drunk driving, Moscow. The bottle is full with parts of the cars which were damaged in the accidents committed by drunken drivers.

#DUI in #USA Infographic. #Educate #NoDUI #DesignatedDriver. #MADD @Neely James Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Did you know the average person drives drunk 80 times before they get caught? Scary what drunk drivers do! These are the Facts Please Don't Drink and Drive .

The Scientific Effects Of Drunk Driving -Breathometer- First mobile phone Breathalyzer.

Mint - the smart way to monitor your oral health

Have you thought about how alcohol actually effects you while you were driving? Check out how the alcohol effects your brain and your blood alcohol content (BAC).

The Sobering Effects Of Drunk Driving [Infographic] - USA | #Infographic #Drinking | It is amazing that people drink and drive everyday. Worse still they get away with it.  Heaven forbid a drunk driver causes an accident or death by drinking/driving.

The Sobering Effects Of Drunk Driving [Infographic]

The sobering truth about drinking and driving [infographic] Seriously don't drink and drive

Some sobering facts about driving drunk & drugged | Alcohol Abuse | #recovery #alcohol #sober

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buzzed driving is drunk driving st. patrick's day - Google Search

Buzzed driving is drunk driving. This ad explains that any type of drinking and driving has the same consequences. Even if you are completely drunk of just a little buzzed you're still increasing the risk of an accident happening by the same amount. Henry & Williams, P.C. drunk driving accident attorney in West Plains MO are here to help you with all of your drunk driving accident injury needs.

The results of three trials suggest that a new class of drugs called inhibitors may be a major advance in cholesterol-lowering drug therapy.

Infographic: Why women drive drunk (and what we can do about it) - Acart

Women DUI arrests today are happening more often than ever before. DUI & Women: Ways How a Woman Can Fight Their DUI and Protect Their Rights

A Drunk Driving PSA poster by Chelsea Rind

Drink Driving Defence Lawyers in Melbourne are specialised in providing expert legal services to clients all over Melbourne. We have vast Knowledge and experience regarding the drink drive cases.