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Buddy Rich- This guy was fast like you wouldn't believe! I mean, crazy fast!

Buddy Rich, NYC, New York, 1954 © HERMAN LEONARD. One of the most recognizable drummers of all time, Rich performed with such jazz aristocracy as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey and Gene Krupa. The heir apparent to Krupa’s crown, Rich’s infamous disdain for practice was just further proof of his prodigious talent.

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LOL Oh Tre... Your such a fantastic drummer.

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female drummers | Girls with Drums ☼ ☾ follow me on instagram: 2turnttori ∆

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dave grohl: o baterista

possibly the coolest photo ever taken of the man, the myth, the legend.... Dave Grohl- foo fighters

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Keith Moon - The Who "The Who" Keith Moon Roger Daultry Pete Townsend John Entwhistle #thewho #keithmoon #petetownsend @indiefilmacdmy The Who Links:

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Animal Muppet by Master Replicas, with custom drums. Fill Your Autoresponder Everytime with the "Full Meal Deal"

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Phil Collins, peanut butter and jaaaaaaaam! Playing Latin percussion timbales. I had a set once, loved them, but they are so loud.

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Drummers Quote poster - lot of #Humor in there for us. #DdO:) - - My personal favorites, to the fond memory of many a school desk & bus set back: Everything you touch becomes a drum... and then, You know what RLRR means. !! Fun pin via michael lobue

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steeve gadd | Steve Gadd

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