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Ironclad. Mobile armoured suits of outstanding firepower, they perform reconnaissance in hostile environments, security in sub-orbital cities and limited military action dependant on the owner species' own territory and demands. There is a supply rivalry between two commercial entities for control of the Ironclad market; the Kohol Organization and the Yugol-Marr Corporation.


Arctic innovative Solutions Drone App

Airnest Launches First Third-Party Drone App​ ​for DJI’s Phantom 3 Standard, 4K, and the Inspire 1 Pro


Air Umbrella…

Air Umbrella… OMG this is awesome! But is this even real????? What happens if it runs out of power during a downpour???


Nov. 27, 2013 - Original Abstract Oil Painting - 9x9 painting (9 x 9 cm - app. 4 x 4 inch) with 8 x 10 inch mat