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Porthcothan Beach, Cornwall...get away from everything. Great waves, golden sand, dunes...Not even a phone signal here :)


Highway Code Rules Light Signals Controlling Traffic. Helpful and sometimes humorous videos and tips for those who want to learn to drive a car and for those who want to return to driving. Allan Wager of Wagers Driving School, Plymouth, Devon, UK can be contacted through his website at You can find him on Facebook too at


By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail

The 2011 revamp of Exhibition road in Kensington, London, UK made it Britain's longest clutter-free street. Following the ideas of Dutch designer Hans Monderman, when countless signs, traffic signals and barriers are removed motorists end up driving more attentively, making regular eye contact with pedestrians. Click image for a full analysis & visit the boards >>


One Nation? Ed Miliband doesn't stand a chance in Britain's money-mad trashocracy, says a leading historian