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Man wins OK to wear goat horns in driver's license photo

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — An ordained Pagan priest finally has gotten the OK to sport goat horns in his Maine driver's license photo. [...] Moonsong is questioning why he had to appeal his driver license's photo to the state after explaining his religious beliefs to Bureau of Motor Vehicle staff. Moonsong said after he applied for an updated driver's license in August and explained his religion to a motor vehicles employee, he was told to appeal his photo to the Secretary of State's office.

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Missouri Senators Cite Gun, U.N. Conspiracy Theories In Voting To Defund Driver’s License Bureau | ThinkProgress

Pagan priest granted right to wear horns in Maine driver's license photo

An ordained Pagan priest received permission last week to sport goat horns in his Maine driver’s license photo. Phelan Moonsong said that unless he’s sleeping or bathing, he always wears his goat horns. The horns serve as his spiritual antennae and help him educate others about Paganism. According to the New York Post, he was told in August that the horns would have to be removed for his ID. Moonsong questioned the state, explaining his religious beliefs to Bureau of Motor Vehicle staff…

A Pagan priest has won the right to wear horns on his head for his driver’s licence photo. The ‘Priest of Pan’ was originally denied the right but successfully fought to gain the same recognition as other religions. Phelan MoonSong has been wearing the genuine goat horns since 2008 and claims to feel naked without them. As they are such an important part of his paganism, he wore his “Horns of Pan” to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in Bangor, Maine to pose for his new driver’s license…


David Logan talks about the five kinds of tribes that humans naturally form -- in schools, workplaces, even the driver's license bureau. By understanding our shared tribal tendencies, we can help lead each other to become better individuals.