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New game added to : Valentine's Dinner Date Play Here: #Date, #Dinner, #Dress_Up, #Dressup, #Girl_Games, #Girls_Games, #Valentine, #Wixies #Other

Winter Elf Dressup - - You might have heard before about Elves and Fairys in stories, cartoons or even movies. Well in this fun makeover game, you will meet one of the most beautiful Winter Elves of all time. She won’t be staying here for long, so you might want to take good care of her, dress her up, give her... - dressup, girl games, make-up, makeover

Free Online Girl Games, Help this lovely young vampire get ready for a night out scaring people with her friends in Bratzillaz Vampelina! Change out Vampelina's clothes, hairstyle, cape, shoes and much more! Make sure this vampire looks both fashionable and scary!, #bratz #vampire #dressup #girl #goth #emo #style


Waiter Dressup - - An waiters job isn’t always as simple and easy as it seems. It can get difficult by the time because a waiter must be at the disposal of his boss every second. He’s maybe the most requested person from a restaurants staff that’s why he needs to be quick and attentive. At the... - dressup, girl games, make-up, makeover

Free Online Girl Games, You have a romantic date ahead of you and you want to look your best in your new cute little black dress! Get yourself ready by giving yourself a complete makeover, and then figure out which black dress you want to wear! See how quickly you can get ready!, #makeup #makeover #dressup #girl

Free Online Girl Games, You are moving from a small country town to New York, but you'll first have to look the part! In Moving to Manhattan Makeover you'll have to give yourself a complete makeover, change your hairstyle and then find a great new outfit! See what kind of style you can create so you'll fit in with the rest of the New York!, #makeover #makeup #dressup #girl #new #york #manhattan

Free Online Girl Games, You are about to move to Las Vegas and you want to look your best! Give yourself a complete makeover by using various lotions, creams and makeup products! After you get the makeover, find a perfect new outfit to go out!, #makeover #makeup #dressup #girl #fashion

Free Online Girl Games, Get an Egyptian themed spa day as you get a pedicure, skin treatment, makeover session and a new outfit! In Egyptian Spa Day, you'll get to pick out cute new outfits, hairstyles, and more! See what type of fun, relaxing things you'll get to experience during your spa day!, #spa #makeover #makeup #dressup #girl #pedicure

Free Online Girl Games, You are going to a big dinner with your boyfriend and your family and you have a suspicion that this could be an important night! In Wedding Proposal Makeover, you must quickly get ready for your big night by cleaning your face, putting on various lotions, and redoing your makeup! If you go quick enough you'll get a surprise hairstyle, outfit and accessory!, #makeup #makeover #dressup #girl