Dresser turned double bench

Made one of them there dresser benches. Check out the full project Full DIY here. DIY Dresser BenchTook about 10 hours over two weeks (arduous work schedule). Cat loves it even though it wasn't intended to be a cat bed...lol. Cost was totally free! Most of the dresser's parts can be reused but for the extra supplies like paint crown molding spackle etc well I already had in the garage.Hope y'all enjoy it. Don't Forget to Like Comment and Share! - http://ift.tt/1HQJd81

Instead of discarding your old dresser, why not give it a new life by turning it into a bench? Check out the full album to know how you can make your own http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/dxh3 Do you have an old dresser you can use for this project?

This is brilliant! - Unused Old Dresser Turned Bench - keep an eye out for dressers you can DIY when you shop Goodwill! www.goodwillvalleys.com/shop/

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