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ROYAL Dreadlock accessories set


Loc Jewelry Hair Accessories African Dread Locs Hair Jewelry Loc Cuff Africa Ankh Hair Jewelry Ear Cuff Silver Dreadlocs Fashion dreadlocks

Loc Hair Cuffs Silver charm hair jewelry for those beautiful locs. These are three choices one is a small Africa shape, the larger Africa dangle with the words Africa in it and the third is an Ankh loc cuff dangle. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime. Slightly Bigger Ankh available ( the one in picture is unavailable at this time), which is the last picture. The listing is for a choice of 1 cuff only…

Small Snake hair beads • Viking beads • Beard jewelry • Viking hair beads • Bead hair accessory • Dreadlock accessories • Viking jewelry

This listing is for a single custom Snake hair bead, made to order. A fine piece for many beard- and hairstyles such as braids and dreadlocks! ITEM


Jörmungandr Hair Bead • Jormungand • Snake hair bead • Beard bead • Beard jewelry • Viking beard coils • Hair accessory • Dreadlock bead

Custom Jörmungandr Hair Bead • Midgard Serpent • Spiral hair coil • Beard jewelry • Viking beard coils • Hair accessory • Dreadlock beads