DRAX THE DESTROYER Cardboard Cutout Standup / Standee from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)" | Dave Bautista | 76" H x 26" W | FREE Shipping

DRAX THE DESTROYER "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Cardboard Cutout Standup / Standee

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Kristafer Anka’s Marvel Now series (about a year of drawing) Cyclops - Scarlet Witch - Invisible Woman - Spider-man She-Hulk - Iron Man - Deadpool - Red She-Hulk Thor - Rogue - Cable - Captain.

"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast and i will catch it."- Drax

"Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too fast. I will catch it." Drax the Destroyer is my favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Wroblewski, you have to be Drax the Destroyer for Scare on the Square.

Mondo's Comic-Con GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Posters Will Break Your Heart

DRAX #4 his knife that he kept because he liked it

Guardians of the Galaxy Cover Art Featuring Drax Marvel Comics Poster - 30 x 46 cm