How to Draw: Horse's Eye by Define-X on deviantART

Very helpful, a horses eyes are the hardest to draw. Yet they distinguish the horses character . A person can tell a lot from a horses eye.

Equine Art. An original equine graphite by MerryCibulaStudios

An original equine graphite pencil drawing of a Quarter Horse mare and foal, entitled "Spring Foal"

Silver Celebration | Spirit of Horse Art  by Kim McElroy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

For Those Who have Suffered a Loss...Please Read

framed drawings of horses - Google Search

Horse drawing original Animal drawing White Grey Paper sketch Run running Home decor Pencil modern artwork Wall art black and white Kids

love this comic ... Kelpies: Scottish death horses

Kelpies: Scottish death horses

I've always thought these sought of deaths (deaths in general and sad sappy stories) were all quite pathetic, but I have no idea what this has done to me. I have never seen anything so traumatising,so deceitful and twisted.