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Lucinda Rogers began a series in London in 2001 with a drawing made on a roof in Spitalfields. Working from life in pen and ink and watercolour, she began to record buildings and ways of life that are changing or disappearing, particularly in the East End.

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PESTLE- Social. Members of the society of the United Kingdom, specifically London, enjoy a very high standard of living. Both women and men have a strong interest in personal and cosmetic welfare, including care for their hair. This will be analysed further when looking into the industry (MarketLine A, 2015).

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Storytelling with Forms and Patterns: Prints and Textiles by...

Parallel lines in different shades are used to create a repetitive pattern, blended to create cut structures (City buildings). Rather than colouring the buildings, they are outlined, some stippled and cross hatched; creating a monotonous effect

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For Jordan: Ian Murphy Artist who looks at derelict buildings. 4 free galleries of drawings, paintings and sketchbooks, so find as many close-up images as possible.

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Piazza Amfiteatro Lucca Linocut Edition of 20 Di Oliver

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Gillian Bates | Brighton Pavilion |

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Ian Murphy This piece of work is very detailed as illustrated through the painting. You can see the colour depth in the painting.

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St Marks, Venice - watercolour by John Ruskin

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Joan Eardley - The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh - Contemporary Art Since 1842

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Westminster Abbey - drawings and paintings by Stephen Wiltshire MBE

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