More!!! Credit to soupery on tumblr! I have Bloodstone, Blue Peruvian Opal, and Cats Eye Apatite!

expression and pose examples - I will do four of them, if you do three of them. You choose the characters. [ "LOOOOL I already make my cartoon style faces si

Couple YCH Auction!! (Points/PayPal) (CLOSED) by king-dweeb

Couple YCH Auction!! (Points/PayPal) (CLOSED) by king-dweeb

"It's terrible how some women criticise other women real life sexuality; while they are ridiculously posing and desperately looking for sensuality in their social network pictures. What a lack of consistency that only shows...girl jealousy!" SP  Check the website for more beautiful sketches!

Some sketchy copies from one of Kate-FoX's tutorial pieces. Made back in summer. I was steadily getting satisfied with the curves that I managed to. Copy's and Studies: Kate-FoX fem body's 4

Pose study -- sitting by Spectrum-VII

Getting some practice with posework, starting with sitting/kneeling (studied from life). Holding a steady pose, stabilizing a clipboard, and drawing all at once is kind of a challenge, but hey-- go.

Practice Sketches 3 (WaterBender Poses) by R-a-v-3-n on DeviantArt

Practice Sketches 3 (WaterBender Poses) by on DeviantArt