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Most of us have female characters, so here some tip and trick for everybody who would like to draw a women/girl figure!

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Glamorous Fashion Sketches and Illustrations: Best 50

it is very important to have a clear perception of Fashion Sketches and Illustrations before you ask your fashion designer to get it done.

Sketch. I like that she has proper figure, that's she's not stick-thin like some drawings.

Sketch--interesting pose, and I definitely could use this as a foot reference :)

Copy's and Studies:  Kate-FoX fem body's by WonderingMind23

Some sketchy copies from one of Kate-FoX's tutorial pieces. I was steadily getting satisfied with the curves that I managed to. Copy's and Studies: Kate-FoX fem body's 4

Finally! I will need this for planning my characters.::

Draw Female Body Types by on deviantART: I'm a mix between curvy and Plus-size. I am not ashamed of my body no matter what insults I get. Every body type is beautiful.

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