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#PLL 6x10 "Game Over, Charles" season finale was the best episode I was so surprised by the fact that cece was A and Sarah Harvey is redcoat

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HEAVEN WON'T TAKE ME AND HELL IS AFRAID I'LL TAKE OVER. Funny Printed... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring quotes, words, text, backgrounds, fillers, phrase ve saying

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'See Evans, I told you my friends and I were pretty cool' "Honestly Potter get over yourself, I'm only here for the free food and watching Sirius make fun of you" -1975

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Wanda Ventham (mum of Benedict Cumberbatch) as 'Colonel Virginia Lake' in Gerry Anderson's 1970 science fiction series 'UFO'

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And the year's best movie poster is ...

I wish more people would start looking at The Hobbit movies as an ADAPTION to the book. Yes it uses the same characters and plot, and yes there's going to be a lot of changes... But it's an adaption. Like it, or don't like it. If you don't like it, just go read the book. It's also unfair to compare it to the LoTR movies that were made over 10 years ago. A lot of things have changed in the cinema world since then... -theladyofgondor

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Firefly Cast Custom LEGO Minifigs & LEGO Serenity by Adrian Drake (It's over 7 feet long & 70,000 pieces!)

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TØP Melanie troye 1975 but most importantly...... 5SOS CAUSE DAY MY BAE

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Ripper Street Captain Homer Jackson Played by Adam Rothenberg An American army surgeon, he is an expert in the world of early forensics. Enlisted by Reid for his unique skills on the autopsy slab, he is a free spirit, untrustworthy and brilliant by equal measure. Jackson has a thirst for vice in all its forms: women; booze; drugs; gambling. Drake hates him, worrying over his boss’ attachment to the man, while the rest of the policing fraternity view him with distrust at best

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