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Francis Drake was a privateer(pirates that worked for the European governments) that attacked Spanish ships and towns. Queen Elizabeth of England knighted him due to his attacks.

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Drake the type of n*gga that.(sorry - I could NOT resist. These had me dying.

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Drake hit up OVO Radio to release some new music Justin Bieber Remix In Calabasas Gu.

Lahir di Kanada pada tanggal 24 Oktober 1986, rapper, penyanyi, song writer, produser rekaman, dan juga actor ini memiliki nama asli Aubrey Drake Graham. Drake, Biodata Lengkap Drake, Profil Drake, Data Lengkap Drake, Drake Profile, Drake Biography, Biografi Drake, Biodata Artis Terlengkap

Drake has shared a brand new song titled “Signs” for Louis Vuitton’s Spring / Summer 2018 show in Paris that was live streamed. You can hear the track in the video below around the mark.

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After a few turns on the rumour mill – which included Drake set to perform at Abu Dhabi's Grand Prix last November – it has now been confirmed that the Toronto star is coming to the Middle East with his 'Would You Like a Tour' show on 14 March 2015

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🌟 Drake 🌟 Biography ● Net worth ● House ● Family ● Cars ● Top 10 Best So...

🌟 Drake 🌟 Biography ● Net worth ● House ● Family ● Cars ● Top 10 Best So...

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Sir Francis Drake Amazing sea captain and adventurer, Drake was the second man to circumnavigate the Earth. He conceived and in practice commanded Britain's impressive defense against the Spanish Armada.