Light some dragonsblood incence, sage smudge stick, whatever you choose and end with "malicious spirits unknown by name/you must return from whence you came/you may not touch my family/as i speak so mote it be!" Clap as loudly as possible to close after spirit (ouija board, pendulum, etc.) work.

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speech 1 DRAGON'S BLOOD Resin . all natural .Wicca. Pagan. Spiritual. Manifesting. Healing. Incense. power, spell, witch Courtesy of

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Old names for herbs from A-Z "In the old days, herbalists and midwives didn't use textbook botanical names for herbs. Medicinal and magical plants had colorful descriptive names. Often, old books about magic and herbal healing use the folk names instead of the names commonly used today, and it can be confusing. So, here is an alphabetical listing of those names, along with the common and botanical names in current use."…

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Little article on what Dragon's blood is. It's also used in perfume oils and is typically very sweet.

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Nice. "I banish all evil influence from my home. I will not allow it to wreak havoc within the hearts, minds, and spirit of those who live here." If you don't have sage, you may wish to say the prayer while lighting a candle, &/or edit to fit your religious beliefs. ---Kimberly Teed .. // .. Original text : Peaceful home Prayer

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Dragon's Blood - burn to clear negative forces, for protection & add potency to intentions, rituals, spells & charms.

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