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I looked into the meaning of this beautiful creature and I found many beautiful meanings. The meaning that I hold onto is the one that says that if a dragonfly appears to you it's a sign that you are letting go and that you are finding your first step to spiritual expansion.

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"The dragonfly spiritually embodies the stripping away of negativity that holds us back, helping us to achieve our dreams and goals. Dragonflies are the keepers of dreams, the energy within that sees all of our true potential and ability. Dragonflies inspire spirituality and creativity, they help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment. They reminder us that anything is possible." ~ Beauty and the Green: March 2011

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The Spring after my Dad passed, I was at the cemetery putting flowers on his grave. A Dragonfly landed on the flowers I just put out. I put my hand next to it and it jumped to my hand. I held it for a few seconds until it flew off, circled around me, and landed back on the flowers. I can't help but believe it was my Dad letting me know he was there

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This is perfect but needs a dragonfly meaning to me remember the past appreciate the future full of change and excitement

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