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Garden Tiger moth which normally flies at night and is less often seen than its Woolly Bear caterpillars.

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earthandus: Rare Redeye Flatwing Butterfly. This butterfly is in the Pyrginae subfamily, they are large, robust and have the wings expanded flat when when rest. Their larvae are brightly in colours with pink and green. Butterfly is orange-brown in colour with creamy semi-transparence patches on forewings. There are the blue -grey veins on the wings. Its eyes are red in colour.

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To the naked eye, this caterpillar is very much a part of the plant instead of a hungry larval feeding on the young leaves. But under the macro lens, every single detail come to life in glorious beauty.

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I buy the larva and my daughter hatches them. We release them in my gardens to keep down aphids.

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IO MOTH CATERPILLAR Automeris metzli ©AniSuperNova83/ Anna Maria Rincon This large and colorful caterpillar becomess a moth of the Saturniidae family. It is found from Mexico to Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Its hairs can cause painful skin eruption (dermatitis) when handled. IO larvae possess many venomous spines (urticarial hairs) on their body and must be handled with care

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Not a Muppet! Apatelodes torrefacta (Dagger moth) larvum found on a fence. By rjdudley

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Amazing, those honey bees...And my little Honey Bee is more amazing than any of them!

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