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ouvert-magazine: “ Get handy with statement bracelet rings! Theres nothing quite like getting your hands all dressed up, we adorn the rest of our body so why not make your hands as fabulous as your.

Commission: Sayda by `dapper-owl on deviantART

Commission: Sayda by dapper-owl

Fantasy Art Dragons | Fantasy Artwork At It’s Finest. | DJ Storm's Blog

Tattoos- Tattoo Removal: Tribal Artistic Dragon tattoo in body woman

Dragon Lady by DreadJim on DeviantArt

Yin Yang Beauty and the Beast/Yin & YangDragon creature and it's companion. The light and Dark in a miraculous, almost impossible scenario whe.

Fantasy Asian Queen Dragon Lady

Fantasy Asian Queen Dragon Lady

The elf in awe of the wee little Dragon.

M y t h i c a l : A love of dragons * Dragon Girl by *nell-fallcard*

Dragon Lady

Dragon Lady

Sito's tail is long and strong, but tapers to a point, not the traditional diamond/arrowhead shape

The Girl and her Dragon

just a panel from issue 1 of ravine but makes for a kinda cool vertical piece and as far as the title goes, well, it has to do with the story so imma le. ravine- i will miss all this

Queen work in..., KILART _ on ArtStation at

queen by KilartDev, medieval concept art, digital painting of a fight, woman…


Illustrations By Spanish Illustrator Digital Artist Borja Fresco Nekro. With a unique and personal style, marked by a desaturated color range with small touches of color, Nekro works especially with photocomposition.

By Aaron Nakahara.                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Les personnages et créatures de Aaron Nakahara

Aaron Nakahara: Flights of Fantasy Aaron Nakahara (aka Cobaltplasma) is an independent artist based in Hawaii. He is currently working on a personal project, creating a role-playing based game.

A tumblr promoting fantasy related concept art, character art, illustration, and book covers. None...

Recon by Wojtek Fus looks like Mannon + Abraxos

Dragon Lady Waist Cincher black #style #fashion #black

Dragon Lady Waist Cincher black: I'm drawn to this only because of the dragon association, I was born on the year of the dragon.

Actually found this in a digital tutorial book and was really surprised! Kyena on deviantArt

In ancient times, Wax - Dragons have been known to humans as sources of great wisdom. Some of their body parts consist of wax elementsand are very weak . Portrait of a Wax - Dragon

Lanaya Lavellan by Nyaka-N on DeviantArt

Enderea Things - Lanaya Lavellan by Nyaka-N

Manon and Abraxos

The Art Of Animation, Benjamin Carré