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20 Exquisite Pieces Of Fruit Art

"20 Exquisite Pieces Of Fruit Art" -- well worth the click-through! Shown: Flower made with dragon fruit.


Dragon Fruit Flower. I guess many people has eaten, or at least seen a Dragon Fruit before (aka Pitahaya or 火龙果/龙珠果, see Wikipedia). But seldom people know how a Dragon Fruit tree looks like, and not many has seen how beautiful the flower looks like before it is transformed into Dragon Fruit. Ok maybe you have seen the tree but I bet you have not seen the flower. The reason for this is that the flower only flourished in the night so unless you plant the fruit or you pass through a Dragon…

The Amazing Dragon Fruit alias Pitaya (Spanish word) is mostly red in color , while peach or yellow colors can be found within. The fruit grows on a climbing cactus mostly. The flesh inside is mild-flavored, soft and juicy. And they are mostly native to Central America and Mexico so to say. The unopened flower buds are sometimes cooked and eaten as vegetable


Did you know that the dragon fruit flower only blooms for one night. (at Christchurch, New Zealand)

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How to Induce Flowering in Dragon Fruit

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