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Dragonball GT Gogeta | DBZ desktop wallpapers http://www.fabuloussavers.com/dragon-ball-z-wallpapers.shtml

One of the coolest things to spawn from DBGT. When Goku and Vegeta fused I was like "yay Vegeta can contribute again!

Goku and Shenron - Dragon Ball Z Photo (32585848) - Fanpop

Goku and Shenlong - Dragon Ball Z Photo - Fanpop

el príncipe no podía quedarse atrás y aquí os traigo a vegeta ssj god espero que os guste y denle +fav. lineart and colour by Bejitsu

Poster Dragon Ball GT: Baby vegeta vs Goku by on DeviantArt

DBGT - A lot of people really hate this show, but I liked it, I thought the final episode was heart-renching.

Collecting, posting, and preserving only the best possible quality scans of original Japanese promotional artwork for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT from 1986 - 1997