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Draft Mule @ Frog Pond Draft Horse Rescue, My Grandpa had one very much like this and I was terrified of it because it was so big. At five its legs were taller than me or so it seemed.


The Flying Feather Gypsy Horse Club is a Colorado based equine club with the goal of simply enjoying the Gypsy Horses (aka Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Tinker Horse) with fellow enthusiasts and to educate others on this wonderful breed.


ik mis mijn shire , shire,s zijn echt geweldige grote en vertrouwbare en lieve paarden ondanks dat ze mega groot zijn!! Het is gewoon een super ras


Photographer to mules: Ears up. Ears up. Come on guys. . . ears UP! Hmm, okay. Hey mules, here's some sweet feed! (Camera click) Perfect! Thanks long ears!


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