Draenei Female Warrior, jinglin Xu on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/d4zne

# K'gitur Swalorn - Skyjacker in Jupiters' Royal Guard, Bushbuck Deer Splice, Female (Wings included in armour) (Draenei Female Warrior, jinglin Xu on ArtStation at…)

Avali the Draenei by ~Altana on deviantART

Avali has a disguise to play in Stormwind with!Even though she hates Draenei, she loves the tail.)) Avali the Draenei

Draenei warrior by Kim Tae Kyeong http://www.helpmedias.com/wow.php

Illustration de Kim Tae Kyeong

Draenei warrior by ~SiaKim on deviantART. Paige: I like this character's skin colour and humanoid features, as well as having horns. I also like her armour.

Mavina N'aar'udar | WoW Freedom Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Mavina N'aar'udar

A commission for a WoW friend called Licania. This is his priest undead. - colors : Opencanvas (or photoshop, I forgot ) - lineart : black pencil