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YASS and they can compete for Hermione and HARRY realises he loves Ginny and Ron realises he loves Alicia Spinnet and Dramione happens and they have daughters Katie Ariana, Lavender Celeste, Jade Minerva

As much as I love this, does this mean that Draco would become similar to Peter? Harry is James, Ron is Sirius, and Hermione is Remus, so is Draco Peter? I don't want to think about this too much because it's breaking my heart.

Draco's household is a cold one; with a somewhat abusive father and strict mother, he probably has to be alone to study. He has no real friends. He tried to make friends with Harry back before he knew who he was. He was just spouting off what his father told him, he didn't mean to ruin his chances to have good friends...so out of spite he just got Crabbe and Goyle, but he probably feels envy for the gang...he probably wishes he'd been in Gryffindor...

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(Sorry for language) haha Tom Felton

(Sorry for language) haha Tom Felton>> Don't be sorry for the language this shit is hilarious

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ONE SHOTS ✏нαrry ρσττєr - ✘ Draco Malfoy ✘ II

Draco Malfoy is definitely one of my favourite fictional character. He is so much more than just a villain.

Hah. When You know what obvious question Snape is talking about.

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When Umbridge questioned Snape about his failure to be appointed as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Which strain of Amortentia would you send to Draco's dorm?

Would Draco Malfoy Date You?

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