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25 Fabulous Dr Seuss Books for Kids

Get ready for Dr Seuss birthday on March 2nd with these 25 fabulous Seuss titles kids will love!

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55 Dr.Seuss Activities For Kids

A book I read as a child over and over again because it had my name in it. In 6th grade, one of my best friends gave me this book and passed away at the end of our 7th grade year. This book will always have a special place.

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PAST Tendring Primary School - World Book Day 2015 Anon, 2015 A fun and colourful book that appeals to younger children, very imaginative

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Fourth Grade Superstars Advocate for Seuss

The Lorax - by Dr. Seuss. A cute book and does not have quite so many annoying rhymes I hate in other Seuss books. The lesson to learn, once something is gone, its gone, is for children and adults alike. - Tamz

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[Free poster download] "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss

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55 Dr.Seuss Activities For Kids

Hop On Pop; the best book for teaching anyone to read. i had a friend who even used it for adult education - teaching sailors in the navy to read.

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Dr. Seuss Snacks

Dr. Seuss Snacks! - fun, festive, and candy-free snacks to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day! :-)

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