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No one remembers the name of this ancient subterranean temple, the few who survive it call the place Starfall, ever since a shining star itself crashed into it's temple!

He looked totally unconvincing the moment I saw him on TV. Both hair and beard do not look right. The government cover up is told by an actor, playing Dr Paul Robertson - a character created for the show his character is a former scientist from the NOAA and head of the investigation into the existence of mermaids. Also the interview with a German fisherman gave it away, speaking in an accent not familiar to Germany, and the German spoken was broken and not correct.

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Animal Planet's Imaginary Dr. Paul Robertson And "NOAA Fisheries Dept" Probably Found An Ama, Not A Mermaid. [Once again - these are mock-umentaries or fake documentaries. Why are there so many people that refuse to even read or think independently? Scary in America.]

Dr. Paul Klotman, from left, with Brooke and Corby Robertson at the National Philanthropy Day Awards November 2014.

tinycartridge: “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Duke Nukem, a gang of Squirtles, Cobra, and other sunglasses-wearing badasses pixelart-ized by Paul Robertson