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Hair industry expert Tabatha Coffey, appeared on Dr. Oz show. With 30 years of hair-raising experience and her own TV show, Tabatha Coffey reveals secret strategies everyone needs to know as part of their hair care routine to prevent going bald, going grey and other conditions associated with aging hair.

MD on Dr Oz TV Show Explains Why Medications Do Not Really Work

MD on Dr Oz TV Show Explains Why Medications Do Not Really Work: They are the worst things for health!

Dr. Oz and the host of the reality TV show Survivor share the handy tips to save yourself when you face common problems like a bloody nose or broken arm.

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Who knew, Dr. Oz and I share a bday??? Mehmet Oz (born June - cardiothoracic surgeon, author, television personality. Since 2009 he's been the host of his own TV show focusing on medical issues and personal health.***Research for possible future project.

The Doctors TV Show - What Your Feet May Be Saying About Your Health

Half of Dr. Oz’s Advice Is Unreliable, Study Says

A new study found 54 percent of the information provided by Oz’s show could not be backed by scientific research, or contradicted generally accepted science.

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'NY Med' with Dr. Oz: Beautiful and moving

Dr Oz: Seaweed Scrub, Enlarged Spleen, Face Reading & Anxiety Relief

Cellulite is a common problem for women past puberty. During pregnancy or menopause, issues with cellulite can flare up and cause unseemly dimples on different parts of the body. One of the most common locations to get cellulite is the thighs

Dr. Oz: Fattitude Review, Fat-Shaming & How To Accept Your Body Shape

Dr. Oz talked to two filmmakers who have it made it their mission to make a documentary about the bias in the culture and media against fat bodies. They also discussed how to accept your body as it is now.

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