Dr. John Demartini quote: If you don't have a clause bigger than yourself, you won't get beyond yourself.

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The more inspiring your purpose, the greater your power and the meaning of your life. Dr John Demartini www.DrDemartini.com www.Facebook.com/DrJohnDemartini

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"Take advantage of opportunities to express love and gratitude." - Dr John Demartini #JohnsSong #Inspired #motivation #wellbeing

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Live by your values, dictate your own existence, make your own decisions and choose to create your own happiness.

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Dr. John DeMartini says it best.

Everything is On the Way! Dr John Demartini www.DrDemartini.com www.facebook.com/drjohndemartini

No matter what you have done or not done, you are worthy of love. Dr John Demartini www.DrDemartini.com www.Facebook.com/...

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