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Long Island cop who shot cabbie in 2011 terminated~The Nassau County police officer accused of shooting an unarmed taxi driver is now being stripped of his badge. Police say he had spent the night drinking with another officer. He allegedly fired his service weapon five times at the cab driver as the cabbie was backing away with his pregnant girlfriend in the passenger seat.


Cabbie is an adoptable Beagle Dog in Bakersfield, CA. Cabbie is an adorable 10 week old, 4-5lb Beagle X pup who was dumped in a trash can with her brother, Patches! These sweet little babies were take...


Wzard of Oz Throw Pillow

Doorman, Cabbie, Guard, Hunk...

Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.


“I’ll come after you if you don’t” sends the shivers up my spine every time. THAT is the John Watson we don’t want to see emerge in the flesh, the John Watson that shoots the cabbie, the John Watson who will do ANYTHING for his Sherlock...


I would be worried as well…

"I would be worried as well…" Well, is it the good bottle or the bad bottle? <-- O.o! Oh man!<-- yessssss<---Nice!