For a distinctly Mexican feel, hit up Market Square. Also known as El Mercado, this historic shopping district in downtown San Antonio is home to the largest Mexican shopping center in the city, along with plenty of festivals and exhibits.

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Emily Morgan DoubleTree Hotel in Downtown san Antonio

Downtown San Antonio boasts several lovely places to grab breakfast by the river, but none have the same stunning glass sunroom as Ocho. Open from early morning until midnight, Ocho in Hotel Havana makes a stunning stop for design lovers to grab a coffee or a cocktail. | Downtown San Antonio | Went out shooting with Glenn Stuart. Showed me a great spot for a awesome view of downtown. Thanks Glenn! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Happy 4th to all my flickr family and friends.

A walking tour of downtown San Antonio is a great way to see some of the key landmarks and attractions along with possibly stumbling across some hidden gems. This is exactly what we did following the culmination of our San Antonio Mission Trail. Given our time constraints, we did drive from each of the Missions to the final stop – the Alamo, but after parking downtown, we headed on a tour of the city for the afternoon.

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