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Men At Work - Down Under. This Australian band nearly made vegemite a household word in America. I tried it and thought it tasted pretty good myself. This became not only their breakthrough US hit but an iconic video on MTV

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A classic from early MTV's the 1981 hit from Men at Work - 'Down Under' - who could forget this Aussie group and the super songs they gave us in the 80's?

"Down Under" by Men at Work

#1 Song 1/15/83 - 2/4/83 and 2/12/83 - 2/18/83 "Down Under" Men At Work

Congrats to Jay Parrino for having the #1 cover of Down Under on youtube with nearly 3 million hits on this version and 2 million plus hits on his other uplo...

Everytime I hear this song it makes me smile~ Down Under - Men At Work (HQ Audio)

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