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This pin provides a better understanding of Down Syndrome as a disorder. It contains information on common causes, how the disorder affects children, other conditions commonly seen alongside of Down syndrome, and possible resources to aide in the care of a child with Down syndrome.

10 things teachers should know about their students with Down syndrome. "It all comes down to the TEACHER in the classroom. Teachers make or break the experience for the child, family, classroom, and school, especially when it comes to children with Down syndrome." We LOVE Carter's teacher!!!

For parents of children with Down's Syndrome (also known as Downs Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21, DS, and T21), the world can sometimes...

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Down's syndrome actress Sarah Gordy on her TV milestone with lead role in BBC's Upstairs Downstairs

The actress with Down's syndrome who has earned a milestone role in BBC's Upstairs Downstairs drama

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21 Things People Don't Get About Kids With Down Syndrome

Kids with Down syndrome are as beautiful as any child <3 21 Things People Don't Get About Kids With Down Syndrome

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Meet the sibling whisperer

Siblings of Downs Syndrome--A research review conducted by Dr. Skotko and his colleague, Susan P. Levine, showed that siblings who have brothers and sisters with Down syndrome often have three characteristics that differentiate them from siblings who do not: 1.More positive interactions (more kindness, less conflict) 2.Less prone to behavioral problems 3.More caregiving and empathetic

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Mom of girl with Down Syndrome creates dolls that have Down Syndrome, too