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MARS-VESTA CALENDAR: The Dow Jones Industrial Average follows a 3.9 (approx) Mars-Vesta Astrological Cycle.

The decision by Apple (AAPL) this week to launch budget versions of the iPhone was not well received by the market, sending its shares sharply lower and wiping more than $30bn off the value of the...

Wall Street climbs; Fed minutes confirm inflation jitters US shares ended higher on Wednesday even after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s December meeting showed concerns that quicker economic growth under President-elect Donald Trump could require faster interest rate increases to ward off inflation. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.3 percent to end at 19,942.16, while the S&P 500 gained 0.57 percent to 2,270.75. The Nasdaq Composite added 0.88 percent to 5,477.01. More Info…

Dogs of the Dow Jones Update 2016 - - $CAT $CSCO $GE $IBM $PG $VZ $XOM $MRK $PFE #DogsoftheDow #Stocks #Bargain

In this live stock market education video on AAPL we'll cover the $10 late day breakout on shares of Apple Computer "Stock Alert" how to trade headline news. Shares of Apple exploded to the upside after the release and the call side jumped to for huge profits.

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heart 1 Dow Jones 2013 Technical Analysis and Market Commentary Update (VIDEO). In this weekend stock market trading education video we'll cover the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index 2013 YTD trends. Learn how to trade the "Dow Jones" in this Dow Jones market commentary video. This video was recor...

An innovative plan to put people back to work in the US uses unemployment money as a subsidy to create new jobs. In 2010, philanthropist Gene Epstein promised $1,000 to charity if a company hired just one person. Since then he has put over 100,000 people back to work with this plan, but wants to take it further. Watch the report courtesy of

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Research Editor Latin America job in Barcelona Spain The role of the Research Editor is to research record and update details on politically influential people in countries all round the world. These details are required for the Dow Jones Watchlist database a global reference database of Politically Ex...View detail...View more detail... #UNJobs#NGOJobs