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Dow Jones Chart Today

In this live stock market education video on AAPL we'll cover the $10 late day breakout on shares of Apple Computer "Stock Alert" how to trade headline news. Shares of Apple exploded to the upside after the release and the call side jumped to for huge profits.

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#Uganda shilling and global market report - January 6 2017 The Uganda shilling is moving in a narrow range and will remain weak due to the economic situation in the country as well as the political issues and overall hostile investment environment. USD Britain Euro Rupee Kenya Canada Sweden Australia Tanzania China 3625.00 4452.99 3818.50 53.18 34.46 2738.64 400.38 2644.20 1.66 523.26 Arabica Coffee $3.53/kg Robusta Coffee $2.34/kg Gold closed at $1173 after…

To mark International Women’s Day today, Dow Jones celebrates the evolution of women in business, charting some of the most talked-about female executives of the past decade in a multimedia initiative that includes a video and infographic (above). The data is powered by Dow Jones’ research and intelligence tool Factiva. The company mapped media mentions of 20 of the world’s top female executives, including Oprah Winfrey, Marissa Mayer, and Sheryl Sandberg, over the past ten years.

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An ongoing S.&P. Dow Jones study finds a shrinking number of actively managed mutual funds that have managed to outperform the market in recent years.

Chart Shows the Peak of US Investor Panic Today

PHOTO: The Dow Jones industrial average had a 1,000-point drop during the opening of trading in New York, Aug. 24, 2015. » Eerie Parallels: Chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average 1928-1929 vs. Today

Dow (18332.74, +0.40%) closed higher and was witnessing a Clinton lead then. Going with the charts, the 3-day candle has 18400 as an immediate resistance and while that holds, we could see a fall towards 17800 or even more today. Note that the Dow futures are down about 700 points and could reflect in the Dow Jones tonight. Visit: - The number 1 financial investment alert provider. #marketsandyou #tradesuccessfully #technicalanalysis #signupnow #tradingguide #financi

#Uganda and global #market report - September 28 2016 #MoneySense #Invest The Uganda shilling closed at 3382 on the US dollar 4403 on the British pound 3794 on the Euro 50.96 on the Rupee 33.40 on the Kenyan shilling 2588 on the Canadian dollar (sweet) 2602 on the Australian dollar and 1.55 on the Tanzania shilling. Coffee Arabica closed at $3.76 per kilo. Coffee Robusta closed at $2.18 per kilo Gold is trading at $1323 per ounce and lost $4. OIL - read the mid week report I shared…