The Dow Jones industrial average tops 25000 for first time continuing its history-making rise - Washington Post  Washington Post  The Dow Jones industrial average tops 25000 for first time continuing its history-making rise Washington Post NEW YORK  The closely watched Dow Jones industrial average topped 25000 points for the first time Thursday continuing a run that lifted stocks by more than 20 percent in 2017. The bellwether gauge crossed the historic milestone shortly after the ... Dow…

The Dow Jones industrial average tops 25000 for first time, continuing its history-making rise - Washington Post

This infographic gives some background and understanding of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

After weeks of close calls, the Dow made history on Wednesday by blowing past that key level for the first time ever. The Dow climbed 156 points to and was joined in record territory by the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

Wall Street, New York City. We toured the Stock Exchange, but that was before 9/11. No more tours given.

Wall Street - New York

Wall Street is the most important financial institution in the country. Wall street is the street lower Manhattan the original home of the New York exchange

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Gold hikes in advance of US nonfarm payrolls statement -

FTSE 100 Week Forecast for the week of June 6 Technical Analysis - FX News Call

So Obama was able to boost the stock market by nearly 30% in a terrible economy while pulling the US out of the second worst economic disaster in history, created by his Republican predecessor's trickle down policies, while Trump just capitalized on the healthy economy and second longest bull market run in history he inherited from Obama using the promise of massive deregulation and tax cuts for the rich (of the sort that resulted in the Great Recession), and still underperformed by 5…

So Trumps first 9 months are Trumps policies or Obamas? Then Obamas first 9 months, he can than Bush right?

cool Trump Is Making the Same Mistake that Clinton Did: He’s Already Ignoring Working-Class Rust Belt Whites. Progressives Need to Start Illustrating...

awesome Trump Victory Propels Consumer Sentiment Higher Ahead Of Holiday Shopping Season

FOX NEWS: Abuse-deterrent opioids arent effective enough and are too expensive ICER report says

Abuse-deterrent opioids aren’t effective enough and are too expensive, ICER report says

FOX NEWS: Afghan official: Motorcycle bomb kills 5 in country's east

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There are a number of great companies in the market today. By using the ModernGraham Valuation Model, I've selected the five most undervalued Dow Components

U.S. set to allow first shipments of unrefined oil overseas - The Wall Street Journal - MarketWatch #nofossilfuelexports

Samsung Announces Enhanced Version of Samsung School - MarketWatch