With the price of razor blades today you'ld be wise to get yourself one of these Dovo straight razors. Check out our straight razors... http://www.osograndeknives.com/store/catalog/straight-razors-107-1.html

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Dovo Straight Razor, every man should try one atleast once in his life. I would love to get this for my boyfriend eventually!

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Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor with Red Holder-Matt Look by Dovo. $26.00. German solingen steel straight razor, it has an aluminum blade carrier that red holder fit into. http://beststraightrazor.net/

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Dovo Straight Razor with Wood Shave Set and accessories

Straight Razors: Dovo Shavette Razor With Wood Handle 201071 BUY IT NOW ONLY: $85.61

Dovo Aluminum Silver Shavette, Satin Handle by Dovo. $27.78. This convenient and affordable straight razor is perfect for someone just getting started with a straight razor shaving, for someone who is traveling, or for the barber and stylists concerned with hygiene. This razor uses double edge razor blades that have been broken into half. The blades are held by plastic inserts, Red or Green. Each color holds a different size of blades. Because the blades are dispos…

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Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Steel Ebony Wood #straightrazor #shave #dovo #solingen #vintage

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