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Ель Дугласа / Douglas Fir In the U.S., Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) naturally ranges from the Mexican border north to Alaska, and from the Pacific coast east to the Rocky Mountains. Often found in pure stands, Douglas fir can attain an average mature height of about 300' and diameters from 10' to 17'. - See more at:

Pictured is the Mineral Tree, a Coast Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii) found in Mineral Washington. This tree was estimated to be 393 ft (119.78 metres) tall by Dr. Richard E. McArdle in 1924. Many other huge Douglas-firs have been found, but this is the best example of what they can before if they are left to flourish. Sadly, the Mineral Tree was cut down for its lumber back in the 20s.>

Reclaimed marine lumber douglas fir live 4x4x4 planter for shelf or wall hanging. baby pine tree and live moss included by GrunVertere on Etsy

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10 Chic Granny Flats - In Photos: 10 Chic Granny Flats

A Fir Tree House When a 130-foot-tall Douglas fir tree that measured nearly five feet across fell on her property, just 100 yards away from her house, the middle-aged homeowner decided to turn the tree into a rental cottage ---and extra rental income. Milled on site, the tree became framing lumber, siding, flooring, ceiling boards and even furniture.


Better not screw it up: Cutting some decorations into the front of a long shelf for the new museum. Yes, that’s a 20-foot long piece of vertical grain douglas fir lumber. No, those are not easy to find! 🛠🏛😜

The Coast Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii) tree 15.54 m in circumference a reminder of the giant forests, which were logged a hundred and fifty years ago when the white man first set eyes on the shores of Vancouver; Felling a Fir Tree, 51 Feet in Circumference, by Darius Kinsey, 1906 from Into. Darius Kinsey was a photographer active in western Washington State from 1890 to 1940> >

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null 2 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. #2 and Better Kiln-Dried Heat Treated Spruce-Pine-Fir Lumber

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