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How Doug Stanhope deals with the death of two close friends: he goes onstage (Exclusive)

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Doug Stanhope is always a voice of reason - #funny #lol #viralvids #funnypics #EarthPorn more at:

When stand-up comic Doug Stanhope isn't touring clubs around the country, he lives with his girlfriend Amy in a rainbow-colored domicile known as the "Fun House" in the southern Arizona mining town of Bisbee. He records his outstanding weekly podcast there most of the time and hosts an annual Super Bowl party at the place. Stanhope's also gotten involved with local politics, like when he vociferously protested the inclusion of prayer at a Bisbee Town Council meeting last year.

Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and take pride in accomplisments you had no part in. Doug Stanhope

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Doug Stanhope on immigration >> He's seen it first hand and still doesn't give a shit. >> from Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe on BBC1

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